Selim Caravanserai

Selim Caravanserai

Selim (Sulema) Caravanaserai is located to the north of Aghnjadzor village on the southern side of the mountain pass road connecting Yeghegnadzor with Martuni on the shore of Sevan Lake. According to inscriptions it was built during the rule of the Orbelyan prince Zesar in 1332. Archeological studies point to two construction periods. The first period, in the 13th century, the main part or main hall of the Caravanserai was built.

Selim Caravanserai

The second period, in 1332, the other two small halls were built. The length of the caravanserai is 35,5m and built of polished basalt. The construction techniques were new for 14th century Armenia. The caravanserai entrance was a new Armenian medieval architectural design with examples also found in Armenian cities from the same period. Animal images are found on both sides of the entrance: a bull on the right-hand side, and a lion with human face and crown on the left-hand side. A snake, which is attacking the figure, can be seen striking out from the crown. In the Middle Ages, the caravanserai served as an inn on the famous trade Silk Road. 

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